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Back to school style

September 8, 2017

If there is one cherishable aspect about getting older, other than being able to legally drink with friends and parents, it is seeing the clothing and fashion industry pump out some amazing pieces of fabric that everyone must have. Although some companies release some pieces that appear too “out there” or risqué, almost all pieces find a home in someone’s closet. It is 2017, and Pumpkin Spice Latte season is right around the corner, which means it is time to freshen up the fall wardrobe.

Starting with something basic, the casual look for men will never be lost in history. This style is simple and effective because it does not break the bank and the colors remain earthy, which are in right now. From bottom to top, start with some brown or black boots that have been scuffed up a bit because the shoes should never outshine the rest of the outfit. Add dark denim jeans with rolled pant legs to allow for a nice aesthetic break from the darker denim and the dark boot color.

The shirt does not matter if it is not bright. If the shirt is too bright then it will look like the shirt is trying to escape the mistake the wearer created. Since it is fall fashion, the torso should be focused around what jacket the user is wearing. A non-hooded, collared or not, zip up jacket, whether it is a bomber jacket or not, should be an earth tone of red, brown, or green specifically merlot or burgundy, burnt sienna or a brighter maple wood, and olive or a dark mossy green. The jacket has the freest reign since it is the real powerhouse of the outfit. Another great addition to the outfit would be neutral colored beanies and scarves to make the aesthetic appeal pop the most.
Women have much more clothing options and combinations to choose from when facing fall and winter fashion. Sometimes it can be overwhelming but fear not, a simple and cost-effective outfit is waiting to be worn. From bottom to top, start with some neutral beige booties with light blue jeans that can have holes if the wearer wishes. The shirt could be a V-neck that is a neutral color like gray, and try tucking in the shirt depending on how long it is.

The outerwear is the main part of the outfit. Try a long dark gray cardigan coat. It may sound fancy and expensive, but rest assured, it can be found for less than 30 dollars. Top off the outfit with a beanie, scarf, and, or, long gold necklaces and the outfit is complete. A stylishly simple clothing combination that will not cost a fortune.

Riley Hess

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