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Welcome Back Monmouth College Students, Faculty, and Staff

September 8, 2017

Lily Guillen / The Courier

August 22, 2017, signaled another start to a bright academic year here at Monmouth College. Compared to a year ago, many parts of campus have changed or have received renovations. For example, our campus has been blessed with a renovated cafeteria and a new parking lot for the Bowers Hall residents. The future looks bright for Monmouth College as a school because according to the Washington Monthly 2017 Ranked List of National Universities, defined as liberal arts institutions, Monmouth has been placed as 70th out of over 200 on the list. There are over 500 liberal arts schools in the country and last year Monmouth was placed 77th.

Not only has our campus changed physically, but the faculty family has changed as well. This year Monmouth has received an astounding 24 new faculty members. The faculty will be great new additions in a wide variety of disciplines from English to Psychology. Surprisingly, the Music department has not only one but two new sets of married faculty. Andrew Dziuk and Stacy Dziuk come from Eastern Connecticut State University, and Tom Clark and Solee Lee-Clark Muskegon Community College.

Among the new faculty is another married couple who teach in the Communication Studies department: Assistant Professor Robert Hinck and part-time instructor Sara Kitsch. Senior and Features Editor Tessa Jones is quite excited to learn under Hinck for the rest of the semester. “Assistant Professor Hinck brings a young atmosphere to his classroom that keeps me engaged the entire class period.” Hinck teaches Intro to Public Speaking, Public Relations, and Media and PR Writing.

Not only are Monmouth’s academics looking lively, but the athletic programs have a promising future as well. The football program managed to recruit over 40 new freshmen to join the Fighting Scots. With a win under their belt, it is hard to think this season will be anything but exciting in the upcoming weeks. Volleyball, Cross Country, Golf, and Tennis have all managed to recruit some new talent and showcase their abilities over the past few weeks. Although Men’s Water Polo will not have a home game until late October, the Scots are looking in top condition for their first game against McKendree University on the 16th of September.

While Monmouth has added many new faces, and changed several physical characteristics of the school, the Fighting Scots way of thinking has remained the same. Monmouth prides itself as a community of aspiring learners and strives to create and sustain an environment that is value-centered, intellectually stimulating, aesthetically inspiring, and culturally diverse. With new faculty, students from 35 different countries, an evolving campus, and the ever-present hard work ethic, Monmouth College of 2016-2017 has officially handed the torch to the Monmouth College of 2017-2018. Roll Scots.

Riley Hess
Editor in Chief

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