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Where art thou now

September 8, 2017

Miranda Jones
Class of 2017
Majored in Public Relations with minors in Communication Studies and Business Administration.
Employer: AlphaGraphics
Position: Graphic Designer and Marketing

Work week responsibilities:
I meet with customers to create logos, marketing materials, or other print materials, in addition to prepress work. For my actual company, I work in marketing, which includes social media work, online newsletters and direct mail marketing.

What’s the best part of the real world?
I would say the best part of the real world is no longer having to write papers or study for exams. It’s nice to know that I am done working at 5PM and I have the freedom to do whatever I would like to after hours.

What’s the worst part of facing reality?
No longer being constantly surrounded by my best friends. I am lucky to be living with my fiancé (Monmouth College alum, Kyle Bradberry, ‘17) so I get to live with one of my close college friends, but I miss my roommates and other other close friendships that I do not get the pleasure of seeing day to day.

When it’s not 9-5, what are you doing?
As a retired athlete, staying active and working out is still important to me, and is an essential part of my day. Otherwise, my fiancé and like to explore our new home, Iowa City.

Advice to collegians?
Don’t take being around people the same age as you for granted. This is the last time you get to be a “kid” and be with your peers. Live it up and enjoy it while it lasts. Get 50¢ rum & cokes, have movie nights with your friends, don’t pass anything up! It seems cliche but it’s true.

Tessa Jones
Features Editor

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