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5 stages of senior year

September 15, 2017

When I was asked to write an article about Life as a Senior, I did what most people do when asked to complete an original assignment: I googled it. Expecting to find hilarious stories of college life, I instead found myself drowning in The Odyssey Online articles and endless “Open Letters.” I gave myself a headache from all the eye rolling I did. We’re only ankle deep into the semester, so I can’t tell you how time flies or how you should embrace every moment. What I can tell you is realizing you’re a senior is a hell of a lot like going through the 5 stages of grief.

The first stage of senior year is straight up denial. If you ignore it then it can’t possibly be happening. This stage typically begins right before you pack up for school. It’s the night before you’re supposed to leave for school and you don’t have anything packed. Instead of doing laundry or digging out those festive Christmas lights to hang in your room, you decide to restart Grey’s Anatomy or see what the hype behind Game of Thrones everyone keeps talking about is. Why think about senior research and job applications when you can simply binge watch?

After denial begins to wear off and you’re tired of telling Netflix that you are in fact still watching, anger sets in. College is stupid anyways. What has it given you other than massive amounts of debt and the extra 15 pounds you gained freshman year? You decide that you can’t wait for this year to be over because you are sick and tired of homework and crappy cafeteria food. Anger can be directed towards unsuspecting roommates and new professors that are just too damn excited to teach a course you should have taken your freshman year.

Perhaps if you decided to pick up a Spanish minor in the middle of the semester you could stay a little longer. After all, it is super important to be bilingual this day and age. Or maybe you could flunk a course or two that you need to graduate. One more year, heck even just an extra semester, would give you ample time to figure out what to do with the rest of your life.

Depression happens when you find yourself at the first 50 cent rum and coke of the semester. How did you get here? You find yourself missing the glory days of underage drinking. You had so much to look forward to back then. Seems like just yesterday you were begging an upper classman to buy you a Four Loko to beer bong in Bowers before they left for the bar. What you would give to just go back and artfully hide a beer can with an emoji so you could post it on social media. The rum and coke tastes bitter going down as you realize it probably won’t be socially acceptable to get drunk on a Wednesday post-graduation.

Finally, after what feels like forever, you decide to embrace senior year for what it is. Obviously, senior year is a year full of lasts, stressful moments, and raw panic as we are about to enter the real world. It’s easy to get wrapped up in our emotions and grieve as we prepare to bury the best years of our lives. Whether we get jobs straight out of college or move back into our parents’ house, we owe it to ourselves to enjoy our time here. So do just that. Drink too much, stay up late, laugh hard, and any other cliché you might find in an Odyssey article. Just do it because one-day beer bonging a Four Loko will just get you sent to AA.

Livi Diaz
Contributing Writer

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