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Addressing the Dreamer’s Act

September 15, 2017

To the members of the Monmouth College community,

Recently, the presidential administration announced that it would rescind protections for Dreamers, a
group of undocumented young people in our country who were brought here by their parents as children
and who registered with the government to work towards a legal status. The Department of
Communication Studies fully supports these undocumented students, as we do with all marginalized
individuals in the Monmouth College community.

The mission of the Department of Communication Studies is to build a campus community that values all
students, faculty, and staff. We stand against discrimination, harassment, and violence and are committed
to working with others in our campus community on meaningful efforts to promote a culture that
recognizes the inherent dignity in every person and that validates and supports everyone, especially
students of color, LGBTQ students, religious minority students, immigrant students, international
students, women, disabled students, and undocumented students due to their political and historical
disenfranchisement. We condemn otherization and dehumanization, which lie at the root of discrimination
and that enable violence against marginalized groups. We acknowledge the structural inequalities that
permeate our society and the negative impacts these inequalities have on the emotional and physical wellbeing
of marginalized students on campus.

The Department of Communication Studies recognizes and supports the Monmouth College students who
are seeking affirmative change at Monmouth College. We are concerned about the well-being of our
students and stand ready to work with students, faculty, and administrators to create the changes needed
to satisfy the needs of our students and to continue to make Monmouth College a learning community for
all. The department declares that the offices held by the Communication Studies faculty are welcome to
students who need spaces to grieve, to heal, to organize, and to try and feel safe.

In Solidarity,
The Department of Communication Studies

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