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Fusion Fest IV (A Deeper Look at Theatre)

September 15, 2017

photo courtesy of Monmouth College

This year’s fourth annual Fusion Fest had an amazing turn out. The Fusion Fest is the first production of the year to kick off the theatre season. Fusion Fest is a 24-hour play festival where writers stay to engage an audience; directors sculpt a script they were handed moments ago, and actors improvising and making the characters they were assigned to their own. “It is not something done everywhere and it is not something you see there all the time”, said Assistant Professor of Theatre Ron Zank.

This year, the Fusion Fest started with a play from Nancy Stevens on “Bullying: a Problem Faced by Students with Disabilities,” by Assistant Professors of Theatre Vanessa Campagna and Ron Zank about how to solve serious issues with theatre. The Fusion Fest was a bittersweet combination of pure excitement and hair-pulling stress. The theme this year for the Fusion Fest was “it gets deeper”. Writers were promoted to incorporate this phrase into their play before they began writing. Writers start writing 7:30 PM Friday and must have their submission in by 6:30 AM on Saturday. Actors and directors are given the script Saturday morning. They go through several rehearsals throughout the day and perform it at 7:30 PM Saturday, completing the 24-hour Fusion Fest experience.

Zank says there are two major takeaways from Fusion Fest. For one, “It is a great way to kick off the theatre. It informs Monmouth College students and the Monmouth community that productions are happening. Fusion Fest also gets freshman theatre majors familiar with the department, and others interested in theatre, a low stakes opportunity to explore their talents. More shows are coming to the Fusion October 5-8, the first is Trifles and Woman’s Honor by Susan Glaspell. For more information and where to order tickets look online at

Denzel Johnson
Contributing Writer

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