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Music to my ears

September 15, 2017

Tyler, Amine, Jay-Z, Nav and Metro Boomin,
This summer was one for the books, or more like headphones, since so many unique albums were released. The music industry is slowly changing and opening up to more artists who use their creative freedom to express themselves rather than just making music to earn bands to make them dance. This list will be a mixture of music from the last few months.

1. Tyler, the Creator.
I know most of the student body at Monmouth will crinkle their nose from the mention of Tyler’s name, but he has made great strides this summer. Tyler is a creative genius who produced and wrote every song on his new album, “Flower Boy”. The theme of the album is all about love and accepting oneself. Most people are familiar with Tyler’s famous single “Goblin” and refer to him as a rapper. He is trying to escape his shell of just rapping and is now singing and making more melodic sounds. Listen to “See You Again” or “Boredom” on his new album and you will understand his new growth. He is truly a testament.

2. Aminé
Aminé released his debut album “Good For You” this past summer and has set a high bar of expectations for himself. Aminé has a unique flow and rhythm to his words which are accompanied by his smooth melodies that will treat your ears to a much-needed auditory vacation. Not only will your ears love the new rapper’s beats, but his message in some of his songs are quite interesting to listen to. For example, on his track titled “Money”, he talks about and critiques material possessions. An interesting take on wealth for a new rapper.

3. SZA
The third installment to this list is the album CTRL by SZA. Long awaited and thought to be titled “A”, CTRL pleasantly surprised fans and blew expectations out of the water. This album is a reflection by SZA about her own romantic life. Her non-fiction stories range from hooking up with her ex-boyfriend’s friend for revenge to wishing she were normal in order to connect to people easier on an emotional level. One of the more popular songs on the album titled “Prom” addresses an all too familiar existential crisis of not doing enough while we are all young. The all too familiar language mixed with a strong R&B genre creates an experience that could lead you to your feels.

Riley Hess
Editor in Chief

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