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Ventriloquist engages audience

September 15, 2017

photo courtesy of ASAP

Tom Crowl, an experienced comedic ventriloquist, appeared on campus last Friday. In his performance, Crowl exemplified his talents through interesting choices of puppets. Crowl’s first puppet growing up, and opening act, was a tennis ball with a mouth cut out and glued on eyes. If that is not creative enough for you, his second childhood puppet, and act, was a drawing on a white board.

The ventriloquist’s main act included the company of Dangerous Doug the Duck. Throughout the performance, Crowl never failed to include the audience in every aspect of his show. By doing so, Tom Crowl created a fun and comfortable atmosphere for everyone.

Crowl’s last and closing act seemed to be the audience’s favorite. This act entailed the cooperation of two audience members. Crowl put puppet masks on their faces and created alter egos for the live puppets on stage. Ultimately, the comedian was creative, to say the least.

Before appearing on the Wells Theatre stage, Tom Crowl appeared on NBC’s Last Comic Standing. Crowl is a published author and created the world’s first virtual ventriloquism class. Tom Crowl met his wife through ventriloquism and before he started to perform on his own, they used to be a duo act for fourteen years.

Now, Tom Crowl appears at events around the world for corporate companies and resort shows, in addition to performing his ventriloquism acts at high schools and colleges nationwide. While Tom Crowl is on the stage, he is constantly gauging the audience and responding with what he thinks the audience will appreciate best. This depth of talent is only apparent in performances that have years and years of experience.

Furthermore, Tom Crowl’s talent of ventriloquism was greatly appreciated by the audience of his performance last Friday, and Monmouth College wishes him the best in his ongoing career as a comedic ventriloquist.

Abbi Murray
Online Manager

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