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What’s good on Netflix

September 15, 2017

If you’re anything like me then there has been many a time where you went to Netflix and browsed and browsed only to find nothing of interest and then gave up. There are just so many options! Well, I’m going to make your life a little easier and give you the top two shows to watch in my top three favorite categories.

First off, comedy. The Office is a goldmine of humor. If you’ve never seen it, I would suggest either start from episode one, if you intend on following the characters’ lives or episode 14 of season 5, if you just want a good laugh. And if you find that you like that sense of humor, try watching Parks and Recreation. It’s similar to The Office in that it is also shot like a documentary but completely unique with its character development and plot. One of the best episodes is episode 13 of season 3.

Next, we have horror. These two shows are both slightly confusing and completely unnerving. It Follows is unlike any other scary movie. The time period and season are impossible to tell which leaves viewers uncomfortable, and the nature of the film keeps you looking in the background for…It. There is also a documentary called The Nightmare and it has interviews and reenactments of individuals who suffer from sleep paralysis. After watching this, I truly was afraid to sleep.

And finally, these two shows have more serious content but quite a bit of comedic relief. Shameless is a binge-worthy series. It follows a lower-class family in Chicago and all of the predicaments they find themselves in, including but not limited to: sex, murder, drugs, and love. Another binge-worthy one is Pretty Little Liars. While the acting leaves a lot to desire, the storyline is great. Four friends are being harassed by a crazy stalker (who you have to wait six seasons to find out their identity) and live in the wake of their best friend who went missing.

I hope I solved a few of your Netflix browsing problems. Enjoy!

Courtney Harmon
Contributing Writer

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