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Women’s Leadership Luncheon 2017

September 15, 2017

On Saturday, September 9th, women attended Monmouth College’s first women’s leadership luncheon. The event was sponsored by the Wackerle Career and Leadership Center and the Women’s Leadership Initiative. This is the first of many events that the college will be hosting with the theme of women’s leadership. The day started with lunch and small discussions. Then, First Lady Lobie introduced one of the speakers, Cass Herrington. Cass is a news producer for WCBU Public Radio, and she kicked off the sessions by telling her personal story of being a female in a predominantly male career field.

The women in attendance then broke off into groups going to sessions that they had previously chosen. The sessions were as follows: Interactions at Work led by Nancy Parli-Vallar, a Rockford University alum, Self-care and Building Positive Relationships led by Bobbi Pio, a ‘92 Monmouth College graduate, and Identity and Self-esteem led by Mary Kate Luzzo, Diana Rubi, Marilyn Carteño, and Ashlyn Maher, who are all current Monmouth students.

More women’s leadership initiatives are in motion and a campus wide women’s week scheduled for October 23rd-28th will include more events for Monmouth College women. Mary Kate Luzzo, ‘18, says, “It was awesome to see so many amazing women coming together to share ideas. I hope women can walk away with the idea that empowered women empower women.” The thing Mary Kate is most excited for about women’s week is, “women from all over campus to come together to celebrate each other.”

Mackenzie Fletcher
Contributing Writer

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