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Fall date ideas for the young and in love

September 22, 2017

Fall is the precursor for the exciting, dreadful, and inevitable “cuffing season.” Everyone wants that special boo or beau to cuddle up to for warmth once the soul-piercing cold battles with the scarves and downed jackets. But these are ideas for FALL dates, winter will have to wait its turn.
Dates that you are expected to go on:

It is a tradition around these parts to go to an apple orchard, check out a corn maze, and visit a haunted house. Those are still great ideas, but what happens when the dates are all used up? Dates where a couple actually gets away from campus are more memorable but should be considered a sin when done twice in a season. Also, do not forget about Pumpkin Spice Latte season. Make sure you taste enough Starbucks to make the world’s collective taste buds never forget the flavor until Peppermint Mochas come back.

Outdoor Dates
A simple date to enjoy the outdoors while it is still bearable is going for a long walk. Fall is perfect for nature gazing since all the leaves will be changing colors. Add in a coffee or tea to sip on while walking through the brisk air for stimulation for your senses will add to the overall experience. Another outdoor idea would be to go to a pumpkin farm to pick out then carve together. Save the seeds so whoever lacks pumpkin carving skills can roast them for a tasty snack. One last idea for an outdoor date would be stargazing. Cliché? Maybe. Romantic and totally worth it? Absolutely. Stargazing is perfect during the fall season because you need a nice blanket since it gets colder at night. Who dislikes pillow talk under the cosmos? No one, that’s who.

Indoor Dates
Okay, maybe the cold is not for everyone, but it is their loss. Anyway, there are countless things couples can do within the confines of a single room. Make dinner together and eat while watching a scary movie. Nothing bonds people together more than making a meal together. It is an activity that requires good communication and, depending on what is being created, fine motor skills. Get in the spirit of Halloween and watch a scary movie while dining on something other than café food. Another idea is one for the weekend. Make plans for a long morning and be a couch potato, but in bed, and read a book together. Engaging in a mentally stimulating journey without having to look at a screen will be an activity for the books. Haha, get it?

Anyway, this last one requires a little bit of timing, and it is a hybrid of indoor and outdoor. Wait until it is pretty cold outside. Walk to the store and buy a bottle of wine…or two. Go back home and dim the lights. Put on some background music, get a couple of glasses, sip, and let the conversation begin. Not what you were expecting? Too bad. Talking and getting to know the person you have chosen to create a temporary, or permanent, bond with is priceless. Why the wine? Well, why not?

Riley Hess
Editor in Chief

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