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“It” movie review

September 22, 2017

Photo Courtesy of Rotten Tomatoes

As Halloween approaches slowly but surely, Stephen King’s It (2017) doesn’t disappoint horror movie fans at the box office. It is a coming of age horror film that premiered 27 years after the original movie. This relates to the IT storyline as Pennywise the Dancing Clown appears every 27 years resulting in the children of Derry, Maine coming up missing. The feast of every child’s fear continues. For those who have not read the book or seen the original movie, It definitely establishes the characters of the Losers’ Club well. The way they interact together adds a sense of humor to the film and gives background knowledge about each character that includes their messed up family background and their biggest fears.

Pennywise the Dancing Clown is shown with great detail with makeup and special effects that are sure to have you on the edge of your seat. It starts off with him having a very soft playful clown-like tone and as the film progress it is amped up with aggression as Pennywise slowly but surely picks the Losers’ Club apart and shape-shifts into their worst nightmare. The manipulation doesn’t stop there, as he taunts them through voices of dead family members, books, films, and memories of previous encounters and the mental health of adults in this small town. However, Pennywise is confined by nature. This is his weakness as whatever he shifts into and adopts the weakness associated with that particular creature.

With October approaching, this movie is hands down a Halloween favorite for this year and many more years to come. This remake blows the original two-story mini-series out of the water. In the end, it wraps up with a happy ending… or does it? It (2017) will have you popping any red balloons in your vicinity for a while cause if you don’t… you will float too!

Denzel Johnson
Contributing Writer

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