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MC Students Get Real Life Experience in Public Relations

September 22, 2017

Photo Courtesy of Blogspot

MONMOUTH, IL. (September 14, 2017)- Students at Monmouth College are receiving hands-on experience in the public relations field for a full semester through a new organization. Students involved in MC Relations work with local businesses and organizations to improve their public relations efforts; with the Warren County History Museum being the most recent client.

The students in public relations courses at the college are expected to work for MC Relations as an incentive for them to branch out within the community. This also helps them apply the knowledge they are studying in their classes to the real world. Some of the local organizations that have benefitted from the students’ services, at no cost to them, are the Warren Achievement Center, Buchanan Center for the Arts, and The Immaculate Conception School.

“Those in these organizations have reported that it is great to work with Monmouth College students and that they appreciate the students’ work to help publicize their organizations,” said MC Relations advisor, Joshua Hawthorne. Currently, the Warren County History Museum has agreed to work with Robert Hinck’s Media and PR writing class during this fall semester. Museum director, Kellen Hinrichsen, hopes to increase the amount of involvement of college students with the museum with the new public relations efforts of the class.

MC Relations was introduced in the spring semester of 2017 to help students get professional experience while also providing free public relations services to the local community. Within this short time period, MC Relations has partnered with a few non-profit organizations and about 5 local businesses. “It has been very rewarding to work in public relations courses with students and the Monmouth community to help accomplish their goals,” Hawthorne added.

While students are usually expected to reach out to the community and find an organization to work with, local community members can still contact Hawthorne at if they wish to work with MC Relations.

Lily Guillen
Photography Manager

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