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Meet the Courier Staff

September 22, 2017

Breaking the college and world news is junior Communication Studies major, Kaelin Sommer. As the News Editor, the English and journalism minors student is responsible for picking stories that fill the first few pages of the Courier. Such tasks involve finding writers and collaborating with the Graphics and Layout Editor. It is no easy feat, but Kaelin loves the feeling of accomplishment after finishing up the paper after a long Thursday night and seeing it in print Friday morning. New to the staff, she has overcome a big learning curve, but seeing the improvements each week makes it all worth it. Also, it’s not too bad seeing your name in print each week while also getting a write-up in the Features section.

For any lost freshman, Kaelin can be found being studious in class, eating in the café, or at dance practice. Her days are usually spent on the second floor of the library at the tables, being a Noble Scot. Though already busy, she stays out of trouble by being a member of Pi Beta Phi, the Red Hot Scots, and working as a writing tutor and First Year Mentor/Orientation Leader (shout-out to the pals in Group O).

When she can spare a minute of free time, Kaelin likes watching copious amounts of Netflix, YouTube videos, and Vines (#RIPVine). What’s she watching? “My favorites include Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Parks and Rec, Arrested Development, 30 Rock, and The Office.” As a St. Louis Cardinals fan, you can find her rooting them on, “Even when they suck”. Obviously, the woman likes to laugh (Go Cubs!). And she wants her fans to know that she loves mornings, but absolutely hates waking up early.

Before she kicks the bucket, which we hope is nowhere in the near future, she has big dreams of attending a Cubs vs. Cardinals game at Busch Stadium where the Cardinals actually win. So far, she has seen plenty of losses!
As for future plans, “I hope to get an internship somewhere in my field…I have zero clue of what I want to do, but hopefully, I figure that out sometime in the near future.” However, her immediate plans include a good chance of catching her in Bowers on Saturday night…studying, obviously.

When asked what was the best thing before sliced bread, Kaelin answered “unsliced bread. I don’t discriminate when it comes to carbs. Bread is still the best, whether it is sliced or not.” What a genuine response. But more importantly, who stole the cookie from the cookie jar? “Allison Lovdahl.” Dang you, Allison.

Tessa Jones
Features Editor

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