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New Faculty Profile

September 22, 2017

Lily Guillen / The Courier

The Midwest seems to have a way of calling people back home, and such is the case of Dr. Kateryna Sylaska. Dr. Sylaska spent most of her childhood in the Midwest before moving to Arizona, where she completed both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees at Northern Arizona University. From there, she moved on to the University of New Hampshire to get her doctorate. Thankfully, she has now found her new home at Monmouth College in the psychology department.

Dr. Sylaska was drawn to Monmouth College because of it being a small liberal arts college. She wants to build close relationships with students like the ones she had in college. She loves the dynamic that can be found in the classrooms here; in fact, that’s one of her favorite things about Monmouth. Dr. Sylaska says she loves how “everyone is in class and wants to be there too”, and believes that’s what makes Monmouth so unique. She’s also not slow to brag on her fellow faculty members. She says that her colleagues help give her insight on her own teaching, even those in different disciplines.

When it comes to psychology Dr. Sylaska’s passion began with a psychology class in high school, which was when it all “clicked” for her. Her true passion is in Social Psychology and she has a deep interest in prosocial behavior. She loves studying why it is that people help one another and how we can help caretakers overcome burdens. Another focus she feels strongly about is gender. Dr. Sylaska loves looking at gender as a social identity and gender diversity. She is actually very excited about “the regularity that we’re talking about gender and sexuality. I love it.” Dr. Sylaska says that with more people feeling comfortable enough to come forward and discuss these topics it provides much more accurate data and that it is much easier to come by.

For students, the best advice Dr. Sylaska can give is, “Have fun, take electives outside of your area. That’s my greatest regret. I was so focused on psych I didn’t get to take that interesting literary class or whatever it may be. Be present in the moment.”

Dr. Sylaska is excited to be a member of the Monmouth College community and to contribute to what makes Monmouth College special. If you’re looking for a friendly face to talk to, or a Harry Potter fanatic, you can’t go wrong with Dr. Sylaska. Feel free to visit her in CSB 132 to say hello or discuss your favorite Harry Potter house.

Paige Gerard
Contributing Writer

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