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The world’s most preventable crime is a men’s issue: communication and comfortability

September 22, 2017

Lily Guillen / The Courier

Two days ago, Tim Mousseau introduced “Retaking Our Story”, a helpful talk about violent sexual interactions, to Monmouth College’s campus. Tim Mousseau’s goal was to create an open dialogue about sex and its meaning, in terms of society.

Tim Mousseau is a full-time public speaker, part-time tattoo artist, an outstanding author, and a male survivor of sexual assault. Now, it is important to know that sexual assault is not just rape; sexual assault takes many forms, including dating and domestic violence, stalking, or any unwarranted contact.
Mousseau, being a male survivor himself, spoke of ways to prevent sexual assault from happening and how to help heal, when it does happen. It turns out that 1 in 16 men will experience sexual assault on college campuses and every 1 in 4-5 women will also experience this. And, not to mention, in 99% of all sexual assault cases, the aggressor is a male.
Henceforth, this is a men’s problem that needs to be resolved. Mousseau proceeded to preach on how to have great sex. The secret is simple: have a conversation about it. Talking to your next possible partner initiates your interest in them and, if they mutually agree, to further the conversation onto topics as protection methods and things of that nature.
The most important aspect of great sex is receiving verbal consent. Creating comfortable platforms to discuss openly is essential. This helps you find out what they want out of the relationship and aids you in communicating your desires as well.

Lastly, Mousseau covered the subject of how we can help heal survivors and some things he asks of you. The steps in supporting survivors include but are not limited to: getting them to safety if it just happened or in a space that it may have happened, getting them medical attention if it was violent, help them get psychological help, have a way to know they are not hurting themselves or anyone else, and do not tell their story to others.

What was asked of the audience was to make sure that you and your partner feel completely respected in the relationship in addition to always creating a reliable atmosphere around talking about sex as well as improving the approach towards educating the youth about sex etiquette.
In closing, be careful when talking about sex because the attitudes exemplified by you and others, affects the behaviors and actually encourages violent interactions to occur. Let your friends know that you are a reliable means of communication and will help them through difficult situations because creating a dialogue retracts from shining culture’s negative light on rape and sexual assault as jokes.

Communicate that you consent and make sure your partner does as well. After all, we just want to have pleasurable experiences. Do your part and ask.

Abbi Murray
Online Manager

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