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Why everyone falls for fall

September 22, 2017

What is fall? Why do we love it so much? What makes fall better than other seasons?

Fall is the season in between summer and winter. Fall is when all of the leaves fall from the trees and become props in Instagram photos.

Fall indicates that you need to buy those new snow boots because summer has officially ended. Fall is when the Monmouth squirrels become extra frantic and aggressive while trying to bury nuts around campus.

Fall is when you can reasonably dig out your Ugg boots that you are so excited to wear throughout winter. Fall is the end of sweating during a class in Wallace Hall and the beginning of increased stress levels as the semester progresses.

Fall, for seniors, is coming to terms with not having a job set up for after graduation, or the realization that you will have to move back in with your parents; fall is endings but also new beginnings.

Fall, for freshmen, is new adventures in new places with new faces. Fall is discovering who you are and the opening of doors you never thought you would approach.

Fall is sweater weather and the only season that eating, drinking, and wearing everything pumpkin spice is acceptable.

Fall is so many things and that is why so many people fall for fall.

Abbi Murray
Online Manager

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