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iPhone iOS 11 update

September 29, 2017

September is always a big month for Apple users. With the launch of the new iPhone 8 and the expensive iPhone X, there was no surprise that an update became available. iOS 11 could be downloaded as of September 19th, boasting new features surely to the be apple of people’s eye.

First things first-the design. Apple redesigned and reorganized the App Store. It also redesigned the control panel. Now, one is able to see all of their controls at once, instead of sliding over to control apps like their music or videos. In a grid like pattern, the functions that are used the most are literally there with a swipe up of the finger. Sleeker, more modern, it is efficient and allows for more control of the programs more often used.

For the text savvy millennials out there, a new one-handed keyboard makes it easier to text when there’s an iPhone in one hand, but a burrito in the other. Simply by compressing the letters together, there’s an easier way to type that helps deter the effects of carpal tunnel within the thumb. Adding to the overall text message experience, there are now animated emojis! But it doesn’t stop there; more text effects have been added as well, like echo, which pastes the the messages all over the receivers’ screens. Group chats are about to get even more brutal, not to mention, Apple Pay is now available via text. Conversation just got expensive.Searching for that song to share, or more importantly, that GIF to send to your friends? Look no further, the app drawer is near! Just like Tinder, swipe away. All the goodies, less effort.

Another important feature, the camera, now has even more options for filters. Feeling confident? Apple has an update for that too! iOS 11 boasts “more expressive” portrait photos with more natural skin tones. Snap that natural beauty. Live photos just got better too, simply by changing them into a fun video loop. iPhone will even suggest which photos appear better in loop, bounce, or long exposure modes.

Didn’t think the iPhone could get any smarter? Well you thought wrong. Siri is now more expressive, with a more natural voice. She can also translate that Spanish homework that’s due next class. Practically your personal assistant, she can become your personal DJ, suggest news that you’re interested in, all because she learns from you. Creepy, maybe a little. But not as creepy as the screen recording. Snapchat videos are no longer NSFW.

The apps are endless, unlike Applebee’s. iOS 11 is controlled by you, for you. With this available update, the iPhone just became easier to control and much more efficient with with new and improved features designed to keep you interested for hours but draining the battery within minutes.

Tessa Jones
Features Editor

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