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What’s Up Mother Nature?

September 29, 2017

Okay, guys, it’s time to investigate the case of the missing season. Where’d you go, fall? Our flannel-wearing, pumpkin spice-sipping season is disappearing and the way some of us see it, that’s just not okay.

Upon the start of September, the Midwest normally sees a transition from hot weather to cooler, more comfortable temperatures. It would seem Illinois is changing the game as last week, the third week in September, saw temperatures reaching as high as 92 degrees with a feeling of almost 100 degrees. Yes, I know I’m preaching to the choir because let’s be honest, we were all miserable and sweating as we hiked up the stairs to Wallace Hall. It was an absolute luxury to have an air-conditioned dorm room.

I’m no meteorologist, but something just doesn’t seem right. Let’s zoom out of the Midwest for a second and take a trip to Oregon. Last week, parts of Oregon received almost a foot of snow. This was enough snow for Mt. Bachelor, a popular ski resort, to open up its ski runs. Trails in Oregon do not usually open to skiers until mid-to-late November, and this early opening has set a record for Mt. Bachelor. It would seem that Oregon just full on skipped fall while Illinois is struggling to find it.

So, where’s our beloved auburn-leaved season? While high 70’s and low 80’s are commonplace for Illinois in September, 90’s are a bit of a stretch. Does this have anything to do with global warming or climate change? Maybe, maybe not. I’m no weather woman, so I think I’ll leave the scientific examination of this case to the experts.

For now, I’m going to keep complaining and pray that October brings some blissfully crisp air and football friendly temperatures.

Emma Hildebrand
Contributing Writer

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