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What’s your excuse

September 29, 2017

Photo Courtesy of Harvey Mudd College

We have given professors every lie and fib in the book to get out of things that we just do not or did not do. From skipping class to late assignments, there is almost always a reason. An email is sent just before or right after class explaining our misfortune. Papers are passed in with sticky notes apologizing in advance. However, there are always a few excuses that our scholarly instructors will never forget. Sometimes laughable, and other times unacceptable, they have received the gamut of explanations.

The ever so famous Dicky J, dealt with such an experience in his first year of teaching at Monmouth College. After arriving an hour past the conclusion of his Business 306 exam, the student explained, “I went to Peoria to pick up some bull semen this morning but when I got there it was still in the original container so I had to wait.” Being a local farmer, Dicky J comments, “I am confident the student was telling the truth! It took me a minute to realize what ‘in the original container’ meant.” There is no comment on whether or not the student was given another chance at taking the exam. Nonetheless, something got examined.

College happens and papers just get in the way. Wednesday nights get the best of people and Thursdays just come too early. Unfortunately, those papers don’t type themselves. But let’s be real, honesty is the best policy. Take this example from Trudi Peterson; now taped to her desk is a student’s excuse sent via email. It reads: “Sorry for getting this to you late. I typed it up last night; got drunk and forgot to send it.” Peterson states, “That student is now an attorney.” They plead their case and won.

Be creative fellow students, but be honest. The truth will set you free and the excuses will live on in the minds of professors forever. You are not fooling anyone. Besides, who wants to make up a lame excuse to skip Dicky J’s class? He’ll suddenly be knocking on your door as you’re wearing American Eagle boxers and getting stomped in Just Dance.

Tessa Jones
Features Editor

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