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My land is Your land

October 6, 2017

Photo Courtesy of Abierre Minor

Oprah Winfrey
There is no strength without struggle
I’m in no position to formulate a rebuttal
I broke my arms
Broke my body
Broke my wings
Ripped out the juke boxes where all the free birds sing
I won the championships, Olympics, and burned a million gold rings
And every day I fight
I shout my ideas and punch my homework
I spit on my OWN prejudice and throw it in the dirt
I love myself no matter how big my nose is
No matter how tight my clothes is
Or how many likes my selfie pose gets
I’m the strongest in the land
Not because I feel like I’m greater than
BUT because I know the power in difference
So as Jackson said Black or White why must we put roles on them?
Like wild animals why must we put holds on them
Let’s put more lies on their back and watch it unfold on them
Why create faction in the land of the free
Why must we see color and treat the other like disease?

Instead appreciating difference
We approach it with unease
Our brains infected swarming the prehistoric fleas
When I look on the news

Black or White why do we have to choose
You see, we don’t and we won’t
That’s not our fight
We will come together and really unite the right
We will understand what Maya meant when she said:
You may shoot me with your words
You may cut me with your eyes
You may kill me with your hatefulness
But still like air I rise
I SAID all rise
Everyone feel the grit on their feet
The weight of their flaws
The plastic on their smiles like little China dolls
Think of the assumptions in their actions
And the rhetoric in their words
Consider this question; are you free or a caged bird?

It’s amazing how love and hate can conside
It’s warm in my home but its MAN cold outside
Can someone wrap me in your sweater
And hold me in your chest
Do you have enough strength and patience?
To create a bullet-proof vest
So when I preach about unity
On a square of broken dreams
Surrounding by the shouts as my nightmare screams
I can square up my chest and I can turn up my nose
I can feel your support in my head down to my toes
I can shut down my sense to all that oppose

So everyone put your right fist up in solidarity
Don’t be afraid of your opinion no matter its popularity
Don’t start and apology unless it’s filled with sincerity
You see the thought came to me with perfect clarity
Freedom in its essence is a blessing
And I think we can all learn an unpopular lesson
Let’s learn about each other
Let’s open our minds
Start changing the world with unequal guidelines
Lets search for the answers no one wants to find
‘Cuz competition for power is what keeps all nations in binds

Abierre Minor
Contributing Writer

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