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New Faculty Profile

October 6, 2017

Lily Guillen / The Courier

Dr. Ermine Algaier, Assistant Visiting Professor of Philosophy and Religious Studies, is new to campus. Dr. Algaier is originally from a small northeastern town of Ohio, but for the last four years, he has been living in Boston. The short commute to work and the strong sense of community that Monmouth, as a college and town, possesses are some of the reasons that Dr. Algaier chose to become a Fighting Scot.

Similar to Monmouth College, Dr. Algaier pursued his undergraduate studies at a small liberal arts college. After taking time off school, Dr. Algaier completed his undergraduate degree in Philosophy and Religious Studies at Youngstown State University. Dr. Algaier furthered his education and achieved an MA in Continental and Eastern Philosophy at Brock University, a doctorate in Religious Studies at Temple University, and a postdoctoral at Harvard Divinity School. His work is primarily focused on Classical American philosophy, 19th Century Religion in America, and East Asian Philosophy and Religion.

Dr. Algaier traveled to various Buddhist monasteries in Japan while a student at Antioch College’s Buddhist Studies Abroad program. He first journeyed there as a student, but later returned as a faculty member due to his strong appreciation of his experiences the first time around.

Dr. Algaier’s interests and hobbies include woodworking, cooking, and gardening. He is also re-watching Twin Peaks on Netflix. If Dr. Algaier had the opportunity of obtaining a superpower, he would want the power of time traveling since there are so many interesting things to do, people to meet, and events to attend.

Like many others, Dr. Algaier appreciates Monmouth’s wonderful campus; however, if permitted to change one thing, he would change the lack of air conditioning within Wallace Hall.

Abbi Murray
Online Manager

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