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New VP of Student Affairs

October 6, 2017

Photo Courtesy of Monmouth College

It’s no secret that there are several new faces to be seen around Monmouth College, and as of just last week, there was an addition. Dean Laura Hutchinson arrived mid-week to drop her things off in the old Kappa Kappa Gamma house and quickly join the faculty running group during her first day on campus.

Dean Hutchinson is the current Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students at Monmouth College. Home for her is in Sacramento, California, and she attended California Baptist University to complete her undergraduate studies in Sociology and Social Work and Texas Christian University for graduate school. She first got involved with Residence Life and Student Affairs during her time at TCU.

Prior to coming to Monmouth, Dean Hutchinson worked in Student Affairs at other institutions for 25 years. She explained that she has had just enough experience to “to have some seasoning but still have some gas in the tank.”

When asked what brought her to Monmouth, Dean Hutchinson was quick to answer, “the students and the liberal arts perspective.” The students that she met prior to accepting the position seemed thoughtful, and she appreciated how the college integrated all kinds of things, both academic and co-curricular. She felt that there was a sense of community on this campus and that Monmouth held the right values.

At Monmouth, Dean Hutchinson has multiple goals she wishes to accomplish, but first and foremost, she wishes to transition well to the college. Being new to the school and the area she knows can bring some uncertainty among staff, but she hopes to transition smoothly and start off strong with her team in Student Affairs. Big picture goals include looking into the student experience and including their perspective when considering how the college should change and grow. Listening to student’s voices, she noted, was one thing the Dean really wanted to accomplish in order to improve her department.

Outside of her office in Poling Hall, Dean Hutchinson can most likely be seen running. Running, she explained, plays a vital role in clearing her mind and allowing her to do her best work. Besides this, she enjoys cooking, traveling, and learning. As a “lifelong student,” she loves reading and rediscovering topics, such as Greek philosophy. Dean Hutchinson’s office is located in Room 128 in Poling Hall, and while she still hopes to brighten up the space a bit, she reported that she “couldn’t be happier” here at Monmouth College.

Kaelin Sommer
News Editor

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