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Pi Beta Phi Reveal

October 6, 2017

Photo Courtesy of Kaelin Sommer

As if our Instagram feeds had already maxed out on their quota of “my sorority is the freakin’ best” posts, or as my iconic #PiPhiRox posts…we are at that time of big and little revealing and the many posts that come along. From the words of the one and only Max Balagna over drinks last week at the Bijou, “for nine easy payments of 100 dollars, you too could have a big!” As satirical as his comment was, and slightly degrading to my own personal love of being in a sorority (Max, you’re still awesome); that is neither here nor there. Being a big to my two littles, Kate Ryan and Kaelin Sommer (shout out to those two fine ladies) has been one of the most rewarding experiences of being in Pi Beta Phi. I have been able to be a mentor, a confidant, a hype gal, and whatever else fits my ‘job’ description. There is a cliché quote that goes something like this; “From the outside looking in you don’t understand it, but from the inside you can’t explain it.” I am typically not one for clichés because they are overrated and most of the time a load of lies, but this one, I buy into. Last week, Pi Phi did our big and little revealing for our fantastic new members and I can only hope that the mentorship, friendship, and sisterhood for the brand new big and littles matches the relationships that I have found within my own Pi Phi family. So, here’s to more tragically corny photos on the ’gram, may they be as sratty as ever.

Emily Manassah
Contributing Writer

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