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Creative costumes to craft for Halloween

October 27, 2017

Halloween is in about four days, but who’s counting? At this point, it is too late to order Halloween costumes online, unless you have an Amazon Prime account and trust that the mail systems are going to deliver your costume on time, to Monmouth….right.

Its moments like these that force us to realize we are entering adulthood. More specifically speaking, moments of choosing what DIY Halloween costume you’ll be making this year. The costume has to be witty, cute, and especially, different from everyone else’s (even though this article being published in the school paper defeats the whole aspect of originality).

If you are desperately seeking some last minute ‘do it yourself’ costume ideas, you’ve come to the right article. Here are some ideas:
Bank Robber (striped shirt, beanie, face mask)
Skeleton (face makeup, dark clothing, bone accessories)
Disneyland Tourist (Disney clothing/accessories, camera, hat/visor, funky socks)
Scarecrow (face makeup, overalls, flannel, straw hat)
Roy Lichtenstein Character (face makeup, accessories)
Where’s Waldo (red & white beanie, red & white striped shirt, glasses)
Jake From State Farm (red polo, khakis, name tag)
A Shadow (dress in all black and follow behind people)
Sriracha (Sriracha shirt, green beanie)
Ace Ventura (Hawaiian button up shirt, white t, baggy pants/parachute pants, black belt, converse, funky hair style)

Abbi Murray
Online Manager

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