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Discovering the Paranormal

October 27, 2017

In light of the Halloween season last week, Monmouth College provided its students with the opportunity to go to a presentation by Chris Fleming, a real-life medium and spiritual consultant.

Fleming has had paranormal experiences since he was a young child. He would frequently see dark shadow figures around his home. One night, even Chris’s babysitter saw a dark figure charging towards them. She promptly quit. Understandably, living in a “haunted house” made Chris very popular with his peers, with everyone wanting to spend the night hoping to see a ghost.

Chris’s father didn’t believe in the experiences until he was older, admitting that he himself had always been able to see them too. His father, who has since passed away, has even contacted Chris multiple times. Fleming has been able to pick up his father’s voice on recordings saying, “Love you more,” something they’d always say to each other.

Aside from his personal experiences, Fleming also showed photos and videos displaying spiritual activity as well as playing multiple EVP, or electronic voice phenomenon, recordings. It is hard to argue against the presence of spirits when seeing photos of a hanging man above a family’s peaceful dinner or a recording where a voice commands Chris to “GET OUT”.

For those looking to make contact with the other side, Chris said to just call them out and ask for a sign proving their existence. He strongly discouraged the use of Ouija boards, as they open a portal that cannot be shut, but said to burn it if you have used one. Chris also told the audience that when dealing with bad spirits to tell them they are unwanted, unwelcomed, to get out, and to pray if need be.

After the presentation, some of the students got to attend a Ghost Tour across campus led by Chris. The group visited the Alpha Tau Omega House where they confirmed the presence of three ghosts. The ghost, formerly known as Kate, revealed that her real name was Hope. The other stop was at Austin Music Hall. There were six ghosts confirmed there. One of the ghosts said, clear as day, “I lived here.”

Happy Halloween and stay spooky Monmouth College.

Paige Gerard
Contributing Writer

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