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Frightening festivities nearby

October 27, 2017

“Boys and girls of every age, wouldn’t you like to see something strange?” Tis the season for spooky sights and haunted houses. Enjoy a frightening night with friends literally just around the corner. With plenty of haunted happenings in the local area, your Halloween weekend is sure to be spooktacular. Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

Just 15 minutes away, Galesburg hosts two scary attractions, Shadows Realm Haunted House and the all-new Walk of the Dead Haunted Trail. Shadows Realm started as a Boy Scout project that welcomed kids and adults of all ages to an abandoned school in Gilson, Illinois. Three years ago, it was relocated to its current spot, an old military hospital. Boasting 18 different rooms connected by long, dark hallways, Shadows Realm has a 3-D room as well as a spinning floor. Once the heart rate has settled, one can drive down the road and try out the Walk of the Dead Haunted Trail. Take a walk through the woods that leads you to old tennis courts, but be ready to run, as there are mysterious creatures waiting to chase.

Only 20 minutes away is another haunted house in Bushnell. With several flights of stairs, there are several levels of fear. Warm up inside the house before making your way down Highway 67 where a walk through the woods, rundown shelters, and demolished school buses await at Torment at 1200 in Orion. A local favorite, it takes up to an hour to wind through the several haunting attractions that is self-guided. Watch out for the not-so-cute bunny and his menacing friends. And if one feels extra brave, drive a bit further to Rock Island. Terror at Skellington Manor, voted one of the best haunted houses in Illinois three years in a row, has documented paranormal activity. Walk at your own risk, but be sure to sign the waiver before you enter.

No need to go far this Halloween. Scary sights are right next door. Grab some friends, pretend they are bodyguards, and prepare to scream. Frightening festivities are awaiting the arrival of brave college students. Besides, what is scarier than college and all the debt that comes with it?

Tessa Jones
Features Editor

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