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Music and Words: A Faculty Chamber Concert

October 27, 2017

Photo Courtesy of John Stanford

Poetry and music joined forces on Sunday, October 22nd for a faculty music program in Dahl Chapel. Professors Carolyn Suda, Dane Feenstra, Tim Pahel, and David Wright all participated in this program, each adding their individual talents. This program included performances of works by Schubert, Bruch, and Bach.

Suda kicked off the event by welcoming everyone in attendance and spoke of the importance of Bach to cellists. She explained that Bach is the bible for cellists; they go to it in times of trouble and when they need guidance.

The performance began with Wright reading a sonnet to accompany the first piece by Franz Schubert. Suda played the cello, Pahel played piano, and Feenstra was the vocalist for the piece. When describing the choice to combine words, music, and poetry of the night, Suda explained to the audience, “words and music should definitely have a voice.” This gave cause to having a vocalist perform along with the instruments and poetry.

Throughout the program, various pieces of music were performed with accompanying sonnets and readings throughout. Wright read original poems between movements of Bach, each inspired by the music that Suda performed.

Along with these works, Suda, Pahel, and Feenstra also gave a rendition of Max Bruch’s “Kol Nidrei,” a musical piece and legal declaration that is recited at the beginning of Yom Kippur. Suda and Pahel played the music, while Feenstra performed the declaration.

The words and music of this program provided Sunday night’s audience with a taste of the many skills and talents that Monmouth College faculty have to offer outside of the classroom.

Kaelin Sommer
News Editor

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