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7th Annual Chorale Drag Show

November 3, 2017

This past Thursday, the Monmouth College Chorale hosted its 7th annual Drag Show.

Emcees Ian Jefferson and Thomas Burkhead set the tone for a spooky, Halloween themed night. Chorale members performed and worked as a part of the backstage crew. Performers, competing for some delicious, Halloween themed prizes and $25 in flex, included the Sassy Laddies (or commonly known as the Sassy Lassies) and Sinclaire Snaps, a former Monmouth College student. In previous years, the Drag Show was merely a performance, but this year, it was a contest judged by Professor Kateryna Sylaska, Professor Zach Erwin, and Professor Trudi Peterson.

Audience members were dressed in costumes and enjoyed apple cider after the event. Third place was earned by Quinlan Uchechi and Declan Crego for their rendition of Jennifer Hudson’s “And I Am Telling You”. Second place was earned by Lydia Hill on her guitar, singing and playing Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Simple Man”. Dressed as monsters and mad scientists, the Sassy Laddies earned first place with their acapella of Monster Mash.

This year, the executive board wanted to prioritize acceptance and knowledge of the drag community. Burkhead, who serves as the president of the executive board, said, “My favorite part [of this event was] seeing how diligent the Chorale executive board was in the planning of this event and making sure that we were not disrespectful or offensive during the drag show. It was great to hear of dialogue made in Professor Campagna’s Citizenship course this semester about our event, and we all thought it was important to examine what we were projecting. As a Chorale executive board, we took our due diligence in making sure it was as respectful, educational, and inclusive to the art of drag and its community as possible.”

Burkhead wanted to thank his board and his Vice President. “It was especially amazing to watch Vice President of the Chorale, Becca Mills, in action, as she was the driving factor behind this event and making it as educational and respectful as possible! I was happy to see it was well received, and we are all so grateful for the support we received in our efforts to make our way to New York to sing in Carnegie Hall!”

The Drag Show serves as a fundraiser for the ensemble’s annual tour. Under the direction of Professor Tim Pahel, the choir has toured internationally to Spain and Italy. Nationally, it has recently traveled to Florida, Georgia, Minnesota, and Chicago.

The Monmouth College Chorale will perform its Homecoming weekend concert this weekend on Sunday, November 5 at 2:00 PM in Dahl Chapel.
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Abbi Murray
Online Manager

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