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November 3, 2017

With the NBA season finally underway, everyone is wondering who will take the league by storm to claim the MVP award. Last season, Russell Westbrook of the Oklahoma City Thunder broke the regular season record for most triple-doubles in a season to claim the prize. After the additions of Carmelo Anthony and Paul George, I see no reason for why Westbrook’s tenacious play will slow down. Now with All-Star caliber players at his side, I believe Westbrook will post similar stats once again and the Thunder’s record will be drastically improved from a season ago. With Westbrook displaying jaw-dropping numbers once again, coupled with the likelihood of the Thunder placing in the top three in the Western Conference standings, it will be hard to vote against Russell Westbrook as the MVP of the league for a second consecutive season.

Tate Heiple
Contributing Writer

This year Kawhi Lenard will win the NBA MVP. Last year, Kawhi finished third in the MVP voting behind James Harden and last year’s winner, Russell Westbrook. Westbrook is now teamed up with Paul George and Carmelo Anthony, and I don’t see him putting up the fantastic numbers that he put up last year to win MVP. James Harden has a lot more around him now in Houston with the off-season addition of Chris Paul. In San Antonio, it is Kawhi’s team and he will be the sole playmaker on that team and called upon by his teammates each night. Kawhi has won defensive player of the year twice, and his offense only continues to improve with an average of 25.5 points per game last year, which is up four points a game from a year ago.

Luke Long
Contributing Writer

The NBA’s 2017-18 most valuable player award will be won by Lebron James. James has not won the award since the 2012-13 season despite being the best player in the world each of the last five years. The last four MVP awards have gone to Kevin Durant, Steph Curry (twice) and Russell Westbrook. The main reason Lebron will take the award back is because many stars of the NBA have started to team up. Last year’s MVP, Russell Westbrook, is now playing with Paul George and Carmelo Anthony, which means Westbrook’s points per game will take a hit and he probably won’t get as many rebounds as he did last season. The other two recent winners, Durant and Curry, are on the same team, so there chances of winning the award are very low. Kyrie Irving was recently traded to from the Cavaliers to the Celtics so Lebron will have to do more for the team to successful.

Cooper Pauley
Sports Editor

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