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Grad School

November 3, 2017

With the semester quickly coming to a close, many Monmouth College seniors are starting to seriously consider what to do after graduation. Deadlines to apply to graduate school programs are right around the corner, and trying to prepare application materials can be daunting.

Across a variety of majors, students are doing all they can to prepare for the next step in their lives. Studying and planning to take the GRE is likely on the minds of many, all on top of making sure that the other requirements to apply for graduate programs are met.

When reflecting on how to prepare for grad school, several Monmouth seniors had very similar things to say. Despite a difference in majors and plans for graduate study, across the curriculum potential graduate school applicants offered similar sentiments about their experiences.

Abby Baldocchi is a senior Wellness Administration major who plans on attending graduate school after finishing at Monmouth. She began her application process at the beginning of October but noted that as a first-generation college student, she wishes she had more training on when to apply and what to look for in potential schools. Baldocchi also mentioned some of the most strenuous parts of applying, saying that “the most time and effort has been put into creating my goal statements and statement of intent.”

In another area of study, senior Stefanie Keifer also explained her experience of applying for graduate school so far. Keifer is a Sociology and Anthropology major with a concentration in Human Services. She began her application process in mid-September but began visiting potential schools over the summer. When reflecting on what took the most time when she was applying, she explained that completing her personal statement and fixing her resume has been the “longest and hardest part.”

While the time to apply for grad school is shortening, both Baldocchi and Keifer also offered their advice to those considering applying. Both seniors made a point to stress how important using campus resources, such as advisors, professors, and the Wackerle Career and Leadership Center were to them. As Keifer said, “Be personal with your professors and ask for help. There are so many resources on campus that you can utilize to make the process easier.”

Kaelin Sommer
News Editor

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