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Letter Response

November 3, 2017

Good day sir or ma’am,

I am responding to a letter in which I received anonymously in the mail last week.

I appreciate your concern with the problem you addressed in the letter sent to me. I will be handling the topic described in the letter for next week’s issue, I can assure you of that. I can also assure you that our current advisor does not report to the VP of admissions in any malicious manner. I’m sure he is more than capable of letting others know what we write about, but we have never been told to not write about something.

This issue, that I would like to remain hidden until next week’s edition comes out, has not been brought to my or any of the staff’s attention. I apologize for not being the eyes and ears of the entire school, but I would also prefer if you did not heckle my advisor. I’m all game for some investigative journalism, but I would also appreciate some respect for myself, my staff, and my advisor.

In the future, if anyone has an inquiry, problem, or comment please email anyone on the staff rather than writing an anonymous letter. I can imagine that you think the administration of the college is monitoring every email you send out but I am a firm believer that if they were doing that then our school would be in a much worse place.


Riley Hess

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