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MC Homecoming Preview

November 3, 2017

It is that special time of year that students, faculty, and staff look forward to at Monmouth College: Homecoming Weekend. Homecoming signals the nearing end of the first semester which starkly reminds all students that finals are coming sooner than most want to believe. Although, as most students will think in unison, they do not need to toy around with the idea of finals until after Thanksgiving. Do not be fooled because procrastination is a fickle mistress.

The annual Turkey Bowl is undoubtedly a community favorite with the Fighting Scots football team facing off against the Prairie Fires. Nothing quite gets the juices flowing like student athletes pummeling each other for one hour of gameplay that quickly turns into two and sometimes three. Packed stands of students new and old yearn for a chance to feel like a champion when the Bronze Turkey is presented to the Fighting Scots whichever team that wins.

The atmosphere of Monmouth College feels more like a family when Alumni return to their roots and engage in homecoming festivities with current students. Freshly graduated and previous Co-Editor-in-Chief of the Courier Cristian Corbett shared his passion with reconnecting with some of his old classmates. “It’ll be nice to catch up with all of my classmates whether we were close or not and just see where life is taking them. Being from a state other than Illinois, I haven’t seen a single person since graduation so it’ll be really nice to see everyone and get to be on campus with them again.”

On the other side of the age spectrum, freshman Preston Bocchi expressed his excitement in mingling with the student body during the parade as a first-year student. “I have never really been to a small-town parade where it seems like everyone is going to participate. I’m pretty jazzed, to say the least.” Bocchi continued to say that he is looking forward to meeting Big Red and is hoping to snag a picture and a hug.

Although many students and alums pay closer attention to the football game and the parade for the high-octane action along with the high energy of the parade, the Spirit Shout has been a tradition to feel the pride of the Fighting Scots truly ignite as one interconnected group. Alum and previous Co-Editor-in-Chief Miranda Jones revealed her passion for the Spirit Shout as a new Alum. “I’m looking forward to the Spirit Shout because there is so much pride for our school and I love seeing everyone come together to celebrate how great it is to be a Scot!” Jones continued to express her unending love saying that she is going to cry at the Spirit Shout because it will remind her how much she wants to be in college again.

While the Spirit Shout, parade, and Turkey Bowl are fun and exciting, it is easy to forget the meaning of homecoming which literally means an instance of returning home. That is exactly what the alumni of Monmouth College are doing after they had grown into unique individuals through the Liberal Arts curriculum; they are returning home to reminisce and remind themselves how they got to where they are today. Let us all welcome the Alumni with open arms and have a happy homecoming. Go Scots!

Riley Hess
Editor in Chief

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