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Meet the Courier staff

November 3, 2017

Tessa Jones
Position: Features Editor / Riley’s assistant 🙂
Year: Senior
Major: Communication Studies
Minor: Media & Journalism
Extracurriculars: Besides the Courier – Pi Beta Phi Vice President of Member Development, Public Relations Chair for Mortar Board, Lambda Pi Eta, Academic Coach, Sports Information

Unlike some seniors here at Monmouth, Tessa has a plan once she graduates. She is going to get into more debt! I didn’t say it was a good plan… But in reality, she is planning on attending graduate school for a Master’s degree in public relations. She hopes to mooch off her parents and siblings for a little while longer and wishes to be in bed at a decent hour. “You know, adult stuff.”

Tessa Jones is a white bread, no crust, cut down the middle, creamy peanut butter, grape jelly, and Cheetos on the side kind of gal. She wants it her way or not at all. Does that mean that it is easy? No. She unwinds in her spare time by napping, snacking, stressing even more, and calling her mama, but sometimes Netflix decides to steal her attention. You might be asking, “What kind of snacks does she like?” Well, Taco Bell is, and forever will be, the only answer she needs. Does it break her bank? Maybe, but the lady wants what the lady wants.

If Tessa could change her name, she would change it to James Bond because she thinks she is funny. Fun fact: Tessa hates the word “relax” (trust me, I would know from personal experience) and thinks it is total BS when someone thinks it will help her relax. When asked if she would rather have the same three meals for a year or wear the same colored clothes for a year she responded with, “three meals for a year because honestly, that’s really all my stomach could probably tolerate. My neck tummy doesn’t accept most tasty treats anyhow.”

Tessa can spell Mississippi without any eyes. I know, a useless talent, but when asked if she would rather be loved or feared by all she said she would rather be loved. This is good because Tessa has the potential of destroying the earth with her words, and one way to avoid that from happening is to NOT hug her because she doesn’t like close contact like that. Do not test her.

Finally, Tessa answered the age-old question of why the chicken crossed the road. Her response… “because it didn’t want to be called a “chicken” anymore!” Were you expecting anything else? Exactly.

Riley Hess
Editor in Chief

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