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Saturday, is for the Scots

November 3, 2017

It’s dawn, the sun is glistening over the dew and the harmonious sounds of bagpipes are in the distance. Soon, you’ll wake up to “All Star” by Smash Mouth blaring over the speakers, thanks to your roommate. Before you brush your teeth, open up the mini fridge, crack open an ice cold chocolate milk, and hop in the shower. In there, start celebrating with a beer and expect to be Iced by your excitable friends. Afterwards, get decked out in your Monmouth gear. Extra spirit points if you wear a kilt. Look as if Tartan threw up all over you, a result from early celebrations the night before, post spirit shout.

Now it is 9AM. There’s five hours until game time, but only one hour from tailgating. Get the cheese plates, red solo cups, beer pong tables and cornholes, there’s always prep to a party when Homecoming is involved. But before anyone heads over the highway, be sure to wake up the neighbors. Yell “Happy Homecoming Honies” or “Wakey wakey, eggs and fireball,” whatever will get them up, if they aren’t already.

It’s 10AM, the party has started. Homecoming is here. Alumni are rolling in, friends and families are coming in flocks, anticipating the cold weather to be numbed by the warmth of the hot cocoa and peppermint schnapps. Begin to wave that Monmouth flag, play “Scotland the Brave,” and shuttle on over to the parking lot party! Set up the games and yell expletives as the Knox buses roll into town. You know the saying…

Lunch is upon us and celebrating is at its peak, just for this morning. The day is young and so are we, and so are the alumni…so they think. Network with some ol’ MC goers, talk about the traditions and the memories. Take note of the debauchery from a decade before. Recreate later.

Soon enough, it’s GAME TIME! Get in your red, head to April Zorn. After getting amped up to the team’s warm up mixtape, check your goosebumps as the Pipe Band rounds the track. Pop in the cough drop before your voice loses its fervor. Give out high fives, hugs, and welcome the royalty. Dance to the band and stare in awe of the performance by the Red Hot Scots. It’s all about celebrating the victories, and that we will against rival Knox. Help hoist the Bronze Turkey and party the night away after some much needed pizza. Take way too many pictures and at least once. please yell “It’s Great to be a Scot.” That’s how you celebrate homecoming… in addition to some cold ones. Saturdays are for the Scots!

Tessa Jones
Features Editor

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