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Where are they now?

November 3, 2017

Drake Decker, Class of 2016
Majored in Economics &
Business Administration
Republic Companies – Davenport, IA
Marketing & Product Coordinator

Work responsibilities include:
As Republic’s Marketing and Product Coordinator, I’m responsible for carrying out daily marketing functions and assisting in planning marketing strategy for the organization. I implement and execute email and social media campaigns, set yearly and long term marketing strategies, and assist customers with their marketing needs. I provide graphic design for diverse projects and manage company website content. I also support internal marketing efforts and manage events including training and customer relations. I work with local media outlets and national trade publications to maximize organizational exposure. I also interact with our partner vendor representatives to best represent their brands and increase sales of mechanical, electrical, and lighting products.

What’s the best part of the real world:
The best part about life after college is the amount of flexibility and control over what you do. You can live wherever you want, eat whatever you want, and spend time however you see fit! It’s also nice to be able to leave work at work for the most part – it’s not hanging over your head after you leave like homework is in college.

What’s the worst part about facing reality:
The worst part about reality is working 8-5. It would be nice to have some flexibility to work other times of the day and do other things during the day on occasion. But I do enjoy work, and I think the pros of “real life” greatly outweigh any cons.

When you’re off the clock, what are you doing?
When I’m not at work I enjoy playing golf, going to the gym, taking road trips with my girlfriend, and working on graphic design and website side projects. I also really love grocery shopping.

Any advice to collegians?
My advice to Monmouth students is to appreciate being around your friends and to continue to keep in touch with them afterwards. Also trust that Monmouth will prepare you very well for what’s ahead with academics and extracurriculars. Intangibles like leadership and communication will most likely play a much larger role in your life than your GPA.

Tessa Jones
Features Editor

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