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Cafe creations: Penny’s profile

November 10, 2017

Photo Courtesy of Denzel Johnson

One of Monmouth College’s beloved chefs, Penny McVey, inspired this hack of the week. Penny won the Aramark Ring of Stars award, where she was among the 200 employees that were selected out of the 270,000 associates that work for the company. The Aramark Ring of Stars program is given to frontline workers who work diligently to serve customers and consumers in their university, hospital, sports venue, or businesses of all kind. McVey has worked for Aramark for nine years and serves students with joy, grace, and words of encouragement. As a Ring of Stars winner, McVey received an all-expenses paid trip with a guest of her choice to Phoenix, AZ in October. Each honoree receives a special gold ring to commemorate their achievement, contributions, and attributes by Aramark President and CEO Eric Foss. In addition, their stories and photos will be showcased permanently in Aramark’s Hall of Stars at its global headquarter in Philadelphia.

Penny is known for her famous breakfast omelets in the morning, so this dish is if you want to spice it up a bit in the morning. This is called the Penny Ala Mole! First, have Penny create an omelet just the way you like it. Then, grab a bagel put it in a toaster. While you wait, put more cheese on your omelet and put it in the microwave until the cheese is melted. After, get the bagels from the toaster and put your omelet in it. For those meat lovers top it off with some bacon, sausage links, or sausage patties. For an added kick, sriracha or any hot sauce will set this on fire. And last but not least vegetarians should explore different types of cheese and use the salad bar to their advantage. You’ll find Penny’s smiling face in the main dining hall from 7:00AM-10:00 AM. Congratulate her on her award next time you see her, and stay tuned next week for the mouth-watering patty melt.

Denzel Johnson
Contributing Writer

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