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Comfort Foods

November 10, 2017

As the days quickly fade into night, the cold air pierces our faces and our stomachs grumble for a homecooked meal that satisfies. It’s officially hibernation season, the exact opposite of bikini season. Time to cover up in oversized sweaters, blanket scarfs, and puffy coats. But it’s also the time of year where we crave our grandma’s or mom’s homemade dishes.

Though Penny makes a mean omelet, (read the next article), there really is no comparison to some homecookin’ of turkey and noodles. The warmth of the pasta noodles, with the addition of protein, warms the soul. A pot pie, mimicking Marie Callender’s, but made by mom instead, satisfies the hangry and almost melts the tastebuds.

We are just weeks away from the biggest feast of the year. Becoming stuffed with stuffing, jammed with cranberry jam, and filled with some of that pumpkin pie filling, comfort food is calling. Melted mac and cheese with a cracker crumb top and spicy chili with some extra flavor are waiting at your beck and call. Are you warming up yet?

Standing over the stove, smelling the aromas from the oven, comfort awaits. Unbuckle that belt just a couple notches, sit down in position, and may I suggest a bib, because it’s about to get real. Spring is months away with New Year’s resolutions in the not so distant future, yet it’s still far enough to not care. Pack on the goodness of creamy mashed potatoes, numerous casseroles, and the most delicious desserts.

Fill those tummies with warm and tasty treats. The year is coming to an end, but the holidays are just beginning. Make up for all the times only cafe food was available and dive into dinners and desserts without any regrets. Comfort food means home and home is where the good food is. Eat well, Scots, because it is time to hibernate.

Tessa Jones
Features Editor

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