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Stranger Things 2 review

November 10, 2017

Photo Courtesy of Netflix

Warning: spoilers ahead.

With the arrival of the second season of Stranger Things on October 27th, along with the rapid consumption of the nine-episode season, there is yet another empty space in the hearts of many fans. The series picked up almost an entire year after Eleven had seemingly died or disappeared into the Upside Down. Throughout the course of season two, we figure out what happened to Eleven while Mike desperately called her for 353 days in a row. Man, Mike is more faithful than most people at Monmouth. Fun fact: Eleven did not die. This was no surprise with the cliffhanger at the end of season one when Hopper hid Eggos out in a box in the middle of the woods. Mike also knew she was alive because when his family was getting questioned, after the incident, he saw her outside the window. He was the only one who knew out of everyone except for Hopper. Let me tell you, the reunion was so sweet when it finally arrived.

The dramatic irony was heavy. We pick up with our boy Will having reoccurring episodes of returning to the Upside Down and eventually being placed under mind control while acting as a spy for the main antagonist aptly named the Mind Flayer. We still have Dustin and Lucas being lovable nerds while Nancy and Steve go through a rough patch that leads to an eventual break up. Tragic really, since Steve became this redeemable character who has been actively trying to steer clear of his previous persona as a womanizer. The only upside to this untimely break up is that it created an even stronger relationship built on what appears to be love. The Nancy and Jonathan ship has completely sailed especially after a steamy night at an investigative journalist’s house who was assigned to find out what happened to Barb. #JusticeforBarb.

Speaking of ships, there was a new character added to the party of Mike, Will, Lucas, Dustin, and Eleven: a girl named Max. She comes from a broken home and an abusive older brother, sad face. She is able to cope with these hardships by being radical in her actions and playing arcade games. Dustin tried to sway her with his killer charms, but Lucas, being the nice and honest guy that he is, came to the realization that there was chemistry between him and Max.

He almost ruined his friendship with Dustin! So. Much. Drama. I couldn’t even. Max eventually became the most badass person in all of Stranger Things by stabbing her brother with a syringe filled with sleepy juice and threatening to bash his genitals with a baseball bat covered in nine-inch nails. Yeah, somebody ate their Wheaties.

There was plenty of mystery, adventure, lore, and gore throughout the new season as well. The body, powers, design, and almost completed plan of the Mind Flayer kept me guessing until the end if there was going to be a definitive win for the town of Hawkins or not. If you enjoy sci-fi, character development, cute love stories, and overall emotion fueled storytelling then I highly recommend watching the second season of Stranger Things.

Riley Hess

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