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Wackerle Center sponsors Etiquette Dinner

November 10, 2017

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On Wednesday, November 8, The Wackerle Career and Leadership Center sponsored the Etiquette Dinner, with the help of professional etiquette instructor, Liz Bockman. The event was held in the Highlander Room, and taught students how to navigate the world of formal dinners.

At the event, participants were given the proper place setting for a professional dinner. Bockman explained to all the students that attended what each piece of silverware, plate, and glasses were used for. She gave helpful hints on how to remember what each are. For example, forks go on the left side of the plate because fork and left have the same amount of letters, same goes for spoon and right.

Participants were served a roll, soup, salad, a main dish, and a dessert. Liz taught those in attendance how to properly eat all meals that were given, and also how to communicate with those sitting at a table together. Participants left with a better understanding of how to be polite and have proper etiquette at a dinner, and also how to more confident with table manners and conversation.

Katie Troutt
Contributing Writer

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