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Gift giving guide

November 17, 2017

With Black Friday just around the corner, gift giving season is finally upon us. There can be immense pressure to find the perfect gift for those that are special in your life. Here is a quick little guide that will make picking the perfect present a little easier!

– Roommate
Roommates can be difficult to buy for, especially with limited funds. You want to get them something they will like but nothing extremely pricey. Grab them a few of their favorite snacks like Easy Mac, Oreos, or chips. It is thoughtful and you know it will be enjoyed. Even better if you purchase them with your Flex.

-Significant Other
Of course you’ll want to go all out for your significant other for the holidays. But let’s face it, those late night Taco Bell trips have dipped quite a bit into your gift giving funds. Gather your favorite photos of you two together and make an adorable picture collage. Pair it with a handwritten *sweet* note and you have yourself present.

You want to give your parents the world, because they gave you life, but alas, you can only afford a candle. This one you can go a couple different routes. You could 1. Promise not to put them in a nursing home or 2. Offer to actually do chores around the house, like doing the dishes or cleaning out the garage. Or you can even issue an “I-O-U” that they can redeem in 30 years when you’ve finally paid off your student loans!

If all else fails, get them a membership to the Jelly of the Month Club. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Bingo!

Livi Diaz
Contributing Writer

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