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McLean wins Leader of the Year

November 17, 2017

Photo Courtesy of Monmouth College

While many Scots enjoyed homecoming weekend here at Monmouth, several students and their fearless leader were enjoying it from sunny Orlando, Florida. Assistant Director of Leadership Development, Jake McLean, attended Lead365, a leadership conference held in Orlando. With him, three students in the James and Sybil Stockdale Fellows program also took the opportunity to attend the conference.

Stockdale Fellows is a leadership group on campus comprised of carefully selected freshmen and sophomores. Participants are chosen before they enter their freshman year at Monmouth, and the program is in its second year.

The group, lead by McLean, is presented with leadership opportunities and guidance from their advisors, and are encouraged to become involved with other campus organizations to demonstrate the skills that they developing in the program.

Sophomores Lexi Brauer, Quinton Kaihara, and Hadley Smithisler were all given the opportunity to attend the leadership conference in Florida. Lead365 is an organization devoted to “developing collegiate leaders effectively prepared to serve their campuses, and well-equipped with the competencies required to succeed in the workplace and serve a greater social good.”

By going to this conference, students were exposed to the organization’s mission and values and discovered ways to implement them at their own campus. Throughout the conference, Monmouth attendees were exposed to many different approaches to leadership.

McLean explained that he would encourage everyone to attend events similar to this because, “The way we talk about leadership [here at Monmouth] is great, but being able to gain perspective from a state university or different geographical location is neat as well.” McLean’s leadership at Monmouth has been well recognized; at Lead365 he was awarded the National Leader of the Year Award.

Mackenzie Fletcher
Contributing Writer

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