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Questions to answer on break

November 17, 2017

Home for the holidays? More like home for the unsolicited interrogation by those who love you the most. You have entered the treacherous land of questions that you have been avoiding just by a mere lack of proximity.

1) How are classes going?
a. The answer that your family wants to hear but you are not too sure if you believe it yourself: I have learned so much and I love my major and I know what I want to do post-graduation. I am doing my best in all my classes and am really getting the most of my experience!

2) Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend yet?
a. Ah yes, I forgot that all my time spent should be dedicated to finding someone at the ripe age of twenty-one. Sorry to break it to you, mom and dad, but times have changed and next to nobody is trying to get serious in college, or I just have undesirable qualities (probably the latter). To put it bluntly, no, despite my numerous attempts to try to force someone to fall in love with me, I have yet to truly grasp that art.

3) Would you like to con me out of any of my money?
a. Hello, family! I am back and guess what? I definitely need some extra cash in my account for some super important purchases I plan on making. As you all may know, fiscal responsibility is definitely a trait I possess, that’s why I drain my money like water.

4) How many times have you drank this semester?
a. Well, mom and dad, since I live a life of complete purity…I do not drink any alcohol. I definitely pregame the pregame with the library and wake up early every Saturday to get a head start on all of my homework. I definitely have never thrown up because of drinking or even shot-gunned any beer (actually never done that because beer is trash).

5) Are you using protection?
a. Yeah, mom and dad…I always wear sunscreen before I go outside and a helmet while riding my bike around campus, taking in these #views.

Happy answering these questions and remember Thanksgiving break is short, but winter break is just right around the corner! Yay!

Emma Hildebrand
Contributing Writer

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