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Renovations After 77 Years: Grier Hall’s Makeover

November 17, 2017

Lily Guillen / The Courier

Grier Hall was assembled in 1940 as the third residence hall built on Monmouth’s campus. Grier was named after Monmouth’s fifth president, James Harper Grier. Located on the eastern end of campus, Grier sustains more than 100 women students.

Nevertheless, Grier will be closed at the conclusion of the current semester in order to “undergo a ‘top-to-bottom’ upgrade that will accommodate students’ evolving living-learning needs” according to the college’s press release. While renovations are taking place, the students that currently inhabit Grier will be relocated to other residence halls.

The renovations are said to include improvements to all living spaces, restrooms, furniture, and HVAC units inside the building. Although the building is quite outdated, the architecture and style of the building gives Grier its character. It is important to the college, and its sponsors, that the building keeps most of its architectural character throughout the renovations:

“When this renovation project is completed, Monmouth students will live in an architecturally striking residence hall that supports their academic and social needs. It also powerfully enhances the College’s mission of a seamless experience of intellectual and personal development,” said Monmouth College President Dr. Clarence R. Wyatt. “It is a testament to the vision and leadership of the College’s Board of Trustees that the Grier Hall project is moving ahead. I also want to thank the students who are currently residents of Grier for their understanding and patience as they help us improve the living-learning environment at Monmouth College.”

Although there are no current announcements that the renovations planned for Grier are also planned for the other antiquated residence halls on campus, it is established that Grier is the beginning, or “first phase”, of the much-needed renovations to take place on the eastern end of campus.

Vice President for Student Life & Dean of Students Laura Hutchinson stated, “Your residence hall is your home away from home, especially when you attend a residential liberal arts college such as Monmouth. The renovation of Grier Hall is a great example of the College’s commitment to providing an outstanding student-centered experience.” These renovations are planned to take place over the course of 2018.

Abbi Murray
Online Manager

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