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Semester preview

November 17, 2017

Before one could say “it’s great to be a Scot,” we’re on the brink of winter break with one semester under our belt, and for some of us, only one semester left. Returning to school in August seems so long ago when in reality, it has been mere months. Late nights of studying and early mornings of partying turned the pages of the calendar quickly. Now, here we are, looking reality in the face, thinking about what is ahead without trying to panic. Seasons are changing, as are the semesters, but no need to worry; there’s still so much to look forward to.

Though us Scots have had quite a successful semester, we shouldn’t disregard the opportunities to repeat such history in the spring. Upon arrival in January, students can look forward to the start of a new sports season! Men and women’s lacrosse will join baseball and softball outside on their respective fields. Indoors, men’s tennis and the entire track and field team will both prep for their outdoor seasons. Monmouth College Athletics will be in full swing as the men and women’s basketball teams will be in the midst of their season with the Knox rivalry marking calendars for January 24th. Swimming and diving teams will also still be competing with sights set on a conference in mid-February.

Beyond sports are the several breaks you all are counting down until. Surely, the beginning of the spring semester will be filled with planning an epic spring break vacation. Just think. You could be sitting on a beach at the beginning of March instead of walking through the late onset of snow Illinois is bound to receive. Not even a month later, you’ll be spending a long weekend with family while some celebrate Easter and others just enjoy another break.

Unfortunately, the breaks will come to an end, but we will celebrate our adored alma mater on the biggest holiday of a Scot’s year – Scots Eve. Hoping for a return of the coveted Scot’s Eve Softball Tournament, spirits and pride will be easy to come by. Though some will spend Scholar’s Day presenting scholarly studies and representing Monmouth College’s academics quite well, others will be saving a brew for them to commemorate our final days of the semester. With Scot’s Day of Giving behind us and Reading Day before us, it can only mean one thing: senior week is near. As the long, yet fun week concludes, caps are decorated and gowns are donned. Crying and Commencement ensues. As the underclassmen of Monmouth return home for the summer, seniors come to grips with the reality as one chapter closes. There’s much to look forward to this next semester and there’s much to be celebrated. Enjoy the moment and the rest of the year. See you in the spring!

Tessa Jones
Features Editor

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