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What to be thankful for

November 17, 2017

I know it’s time for Thanksgiving Break and that’s the sole reason for most of our current excitement; not necessarily Thanksgiving, just the break. I know that classes are heating up and the pressure is on, but while our minds are focused so heavily on the stress, we overlook the rest of our surroundings and privileges. Maybe we should actually take advantage of Thanksgiving so that we can come back from break with a more relaxed and appreciative mindset. Sometimes a little thankfulness can help our all-consuming stress dwindle into a more sensibly sized priority. Over break, I encourage everyone to reflect on a few of the blessings we’ve been granted as Monmouth College students.

1. Einstein Bros. Bagels: There are days when I truly struggle with the idea of having to get out of my bed and walk in the cold wind to my 8 a.m. But do you know what I tell myself? “I’ll get Einstein’s later.” It’s a truly magical motivator that I’d be on the struggle bus (more so than I already am) without. Let’s not forget about the caffeine that fuels my daily routine and my 4 hours library lock-ins.

2. Taco Bell: It’s really plain and simple; “If I finish this reading, I can go get a quesadilla.” And all those late weekend nights where the munchies take over? Monmouth’s T-Bell is open until 2 a.m. We’re golden.

3. Small class sizes: I know that this can be seen as a real enemy due to our inability to skip classes without getting an email from our professor, but it also holds us accountable. The small number of students allows us to form relationships with our professors that can, in turn, help us succeed.

4. College: We are going to college. We are embracing higher education. We can afford to attend a great school so that we can have successful futures and do whatever it is that our hearts desire. That’s a privilege that only 7% of people in the world have.

I know that life gets hard and classes get stressful but remember every day how much worse it could be and try your best to keep things in perspective. Take full advantage of Thanksgiving Break.

Emma Hildebrand
Contributing Writer

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