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Enhancing Scots Dining

January 26, 2018

Lily Guillen / The Courier

As a result of campus participation, the dining services have listened to and considered opinions that were recorded by a campus wide survey. The survey was released with an intent to improve the dining services on campus. Throughout the survey, respondents were asked questions pertaining to the quality of food that is provided. In addition, survey respondents were asked to provide their point of view of certain aspects- whether it was to eliminate or enhance certain aspects of the dining services.

In the Scotland Yard, the basic meal plans were expanded and now include all standard menu options at Bene, Zoca, and the Sandwich Shack. Directly resulting from the survey outcome, other enhancements for this dining location include: poster signs in Scotland Yard, flyers communicating meal exchange enhancements at each register, messaging on digital boards in Scots Dining, Instagram posts, and VOC tabling event to gain feedback on aforementioned enhancements.

In the main cafeteria, “Green to Go” carry out containers are included with every meal plan. Every person with a meal plan is said to receive their own carry out container. Additional enhancements put into place in the main dining hall include poster signs, napkin insert messaging, Instagram posts, messaging on digital boards in Scots Dining, and VOC tabling events to gain feedback on enhancements.

In addition to the quality of the food, the survey included questions concerning the content of the served food. After reviewing the survey responses, there will be alterations to what food is provided. For instance, fresh roasted vegetables are now an option at the Deli station. Smoothies blended with fresh fruit and protein powder are a menu option that is anticipated to appear in the near future. Vegetarian and vegan dishes within the Home Zone (Entrées) station are now conveniently labeled with a grander variety to choose from on a daily basis.

Due to the amount of feedback the survey participants provided, the campus dining services believe they have been able to improve the whole dining experience.

Abbi Murray
Online Manager

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