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New Faculty Profile

January 26, 2018

Lily Guillen / The Courier

Professor Janis Wunderlich is one of the newest additions to Monmouth College as Assistant Professor within the art department. Professor Wunderlich grew up in Kent, Ohio. Before coming to Monmouth, Professor Wunderlich lived in Columbus, Ohio. Whilst living in Columbus, Professor Wunderlich went to the University of Ohio where she received her Master’s. Professor Wunderlich studied and received her Bachelor’s degree at Brigham Young University in Utah. Her fields of study remain to be Ceramics, Printmaking, and Art History.

Prior to becoming a full-time teacher, Professor Wunderlich was a studio artist for 20 years, while simultaneously being a full-time mother. Professor Wunderlich also taught workshops and spent time visiting lectures on art at several locations across the United States and Canada.

In her spare time, Professor Wunderlich enjoys participating in activities that challenge her as a person. What inspires her to do so is her family, pets, and ambitious students. “Stranger Things” is Professor Wunderlich’s favorite show on Netflix because “the 80’s- that’s where it’s at.” When Professor Wunderlich grows up she wants to be a producer of strange and edgy children books.

If Professor Wunderlich could change something on campus, she would like to see a student center with art, interesting food, and live music, in addition to more crosswalks “so I don’t get run over while walking home.” Professor Wunderlich also expressed her love for the size of the campus and the amount of positivity that exists throughout Monmouth College.

Abbi Murray
Online Manager

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