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Op-ed: Take a Risk

January 26, 2018

The other day I was thinking about how people tend to not take risks. In terms of mortality, it makes sense, right? I mean, you would not want to jump off a cliff into a body of water unless you knew for sure the water was deep enough. Simply, the unknown is scary. More often than not, when a person becomes comfortable or content with their life, they begin the vicious cycle of succumbing to a routine for weeks, months, or years at a time without any major changes. Eventually, you wake up one day wondering what you have been doing for that prolonged amount of time regretting not seeing that band, traveling to that country, or asking that person for a drink.

Due to the insatiable mental hunger we have come to adopt due to the rapid advancements of technology, especially the internet, most people feel like they are engaging in several activities and it is time well spent, when all they are doing is sitting using their phone checking Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other various information sharing platforms. In no way am I saying these platforms have not resulted in positive outcomes in our society, but I am saying that people tend to wait to do something until they know everything about it. Where is the fun in that?

People will wait to try something new until it has already blown up in their community or over social media. I hear people every day saying to themselves “I wish I did that” or “I know I could have done that.” News flash: the ones that you read about or see on viral videos are the ones who take risks. Sure, risks do not always pay off, but the point is that at least those who take risks are trying to break the societal mold of being an information consuming sheep. Also, it is important to note that there is a difference between taking a risk and being reckless. The key difference between the two phrases is that when taking a risk, you still have some control over the situation. When a person is being reckless then control has shifted away from the individual and it becomes a game of luck.

At the end of the day, this heated opinion piece is probably not going to change the behavior of many people, but for those of you who think that I am speaking to you then listen up. I am issuing a challenge. Over the course of a week, I challenge you to take at least one risk every day. See how it makes you feel. See if it makes you happier. See if it changes something inside you. If you honestly feel a difference in your everyday life I want to hear about it. Write a response to this and you could, potentially, be featured in an edition of The Courier.

Riley Hess
Editor in Chief

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