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January 26, 2018

Well, here we are. It’s Super Bowl time, and the worst of the NFL has been mercifully culled from our televisions so that we may never have to see them again. This year, we learned a lot about the NFL, to be quite honest.

We learned just how far teams like the Texans will go to avoid concussion protocol, how intensely bad the Cleveland Browns are from top to bottom, how fragile NFL coaching jobs are, and most importantly, how rare good quarterbacks are.

This is the moment, in a Deadspin article, where we would “remember some guys,” so let’s go ahead and remember some people who, for some reason or another, actually threw an NFL pass this year.

Nathan Peterman, Tom Savage, Trevor Semian, the husk of Brock Osweiler’s “upside,” Brian Hoyer, Mike Glennon, C.J. Beathard, and Kevin Hogan. Just look at this marvelous collection of bad quarterbacks. I believe we all know where this is going, because I refuse to let this go.

You know who didn’t start a single NFL game, despite the world being treated to one more year of Jay Cutler slinging passes into triple coverage and occasionally getting one to stick? Our good buddy Colin Kaepernick. Let’s face it: we all knew this was the end game, didn’t we? We all knew the second Kaepernick kneeled, his career was dead. Maybe the Dolphins will kick those tires this offseason, but we know nothing will happen.

The NFL, as a whole, played the role of the coward and got skewered. That is fine. As someone who firmly believes that the NFL’s biggest enemy is its own stupidity and cowardice, that was expected. Fine. I am more shocked by the team owners, who are so often willing to ignore basic human decency for a replacement-level right guard. Richie Incognito has a job, for crying out loud! To think that a protest would sink a quarterback like Kaepernick, while the Texans sent a clearly awful quarterback in Savage back out after he was basically blown to smithereens is a real shock.

We have finally found where the NFL has drawn the line folks, and it is not domestic abuse, getting concussed so bad your hands shake, calling teammates slurs, or just being bad. No, no. What will finally get a team to settle for an admittedly overweight Jay Cutler is standing up for a cause and putting your money where your mouth is. So next time Peterman throws five picks, remind yourself that this is the NFL “doing its best.” And then go watch a real quarterback, because nobody deserves that.

Anthony Adams
Political Editor

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